Centro Legal de la Raza’s Litigation team works with all  our legal programs to represent low-income and immigrant workers, tenants, and other clients and communities in affirmative and impact lawsuits to protect their rights and improve conditions more broadly. Often, litigation in state and federal courts is the only way our clients can protect their rights and communities. Centro Legal also co-counsels these cases with other highly respected nonprofit organizations, local government, and law firm partners.

These cases include national class action lawsuits in federal district court and before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of immigrant detainees, facing unlawful detention and oppressive bond practices. We also represent thousands of tenants and workers in state and federal lawsuits and class actions against unethical employers and landlords for:

  • Wage theft

  • Unethical employers and landlords

  • Harassment

  • Substandard conditions

  • Discrimination

  • Retaliation

  • Illegal lockouts

  • Other violations of worker and tenants rights

Since 2016, Centro Legal’s cases have ranged from the successful representation of undocumented, single-mother janitorial workers sexually assaulted by their supervisor, to a multi-million dollar settlement for over 115 tenants and their children facing mold-induced asthma, lead poisoning, bedbug and rodent bites, and other tragic consequences of substandard conditions at their apartment complex.

If you are interested in learning more about or supporting our litigation work, please contact Litigation Director Jesse Newmark at If you are a client in need of assistance on a legal matter, please contact our Immigrants’, Tenants’ Rights, or Workers’ Rights Programs directly.

SINCE 2015

Centro has returned over $6.25 million to more than 600 low-income and immigrant victims of wage theft and sexual assault at the workplace, abusive immigration detention and bond practices, and illegal evictions and substandard housing conditions.
With a yearly budget of around $200,000, this means that for every $1 Centro Legal receives for this work, we put about 10 times that amount in our clients’ pockets.

These significant recoveries have a far broader impact as our clients reinvest in their families and communities. They also serve as compelling reminders to employers, landlords, and government agencies of the consequences of failing to treat immigrants, workers and tenants fairly and comply with the law.

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